Ubuntu 18.04 change or set custom screen resolution

You can change or set customer screen resolution in Ubuntu 18.04 three easy step.

First, check the name. Enter command xrandr. Second line will display name. Name in my case is “Virtual1“.

Then enter command “ctv 1360 655 60” to get details for next command input.

Now enter command

xrandr --newmode "1360x654_60.00" 71.00 1360 1416 1552 1744 654 657 667 680 -hsync +vsync

This command is using output from previous command, i.e type xrand –newmode plus output after Modeline

Now set the screen resolution using -addmode command

You are done.

This resolution will be removed after restart, if you want to make it permanent, save it in your profile. Using command “gedit ~/.profile“. Add last two command in your file.

Now you profile is set, it is now your default screen resolution.

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