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Install Eclipse in Ubuntu 20.04

Step 1: Install Java If java is installed skip this step. Accept the lisence term Once installed, check the Java version Step 2: Download Eclipse Download using link Step 3: Install Eclipse Extract the download file, and run installer It will ask to select IDE. Select your choice. I have selected Java EE, and […]

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Install Java in Ubuntu

Step 1: Update system apt-get update && apt-get upgrade Step 2: Install Open JDK sudo apt-get install default-jdk Step 3: Check installation Using the command: java -version, if it shows the version of java installed, it means its properly installed. Done!

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Installing Lombok in Eclipse

Step 1: Download jar file from Lombok official site. Step 2: Open Command Prompt, navigate to the download folder, type command: java -jar lombok-1.18.4.jar Step 3: Lambok will open, it will automatically select the default Eclipse installation folder, it can be manually selected as well. Step 4: After selecting the Eclipse installation directory, click Install/Update, […]


Add Tomcat server in Eclipse IDE

Step 1: Select “Server Name”; Window -> Preference -> Server -> Add -> Apache Tomcat Version -> Next Step 2: Give path of root directory of Apache Tomcat Installed in the system. And click Apply and close Step 3: Add server tab in prospective; Windows -> Show view -> other -> Server -> Open Step […]

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Hello World JSP using Eclipse and Tomcat

Step 1: Create a Dynamic Web Project Give it a name Step 2: Create one JSP file with name index.jsp in WebContent folder Step 3: Add a heading “Hello World” in jsp page to test Step 4: Now Right click on the project root directory and run on server The result will be displayed on […]