Ubuntu 18.04 change or set custom screen resolution

You can change or set customer screen resolution in Ubuntu 18.04 three easy step. First, check the name. Enter command xrandr. Second line will display name. Name in my case is “Virtual1“. Then enter command “ctv 1360 655 60” to get details for next command input. Now enter command This command is using output from […]

Ubuntu 18.04 WordPress

Fixed : WordPress, Permalink post name not working,404 error

Easy fix for Permalink post name not working, 404 error

Linux Networking

Enable Ports in Ubuntu 18.0

First check which ports are required by your application or scripts using command sudo netstat -tunlp Check status of port with: sudo ufw status Allow any port using the command, where 80 represent port 80, connection type is tcp: sudo ufw allow 80/tcp For udf use command: sudo ufw allow 80/tcp Port can also be […]

Firewall Windows 10

Enable all the UDP ports in Windows 10

How to allow all the UDP/TCP ports in Windows 10

Linux Networking shell command

Linux – Check at which port application is running

netstat – Its is a command line tool to get information about network connection.

CMS Linux Ubuntu Ubuntu 18.04 WordPress

Install WordPress in Ubuntu

WordPress can be easily installed in Ubuntu using LAMP and Shell Commands