How to fix: error failed to send host log message

Ubuntu virtual machine on Windows error once installed: drm:vmn_host_log [vmugfx] *ERROR* Failed to send log

Step 1: Open VirtualBox Setting

Go to settings in the VirtualBox -> Display

Step 2: Change Graphics controller Setting

Then change the Graphic controller to VBOX VGA.
Enable VboxVGA in Ubuntu 18.04

Reboot the system, the error will be fixed.


If you are still getting, there could be some other possible reasons –

  • Check if virtualization is enabled in BIOS, if not enable it.
  • Allocate proper resources to the VM. Increase memory, disc, and CPU
  • Problem could be with OS itself, try to install the newer versions or new setup

Please share log and System Configuration for quick resolution of the problem in comment section.

2 replies on “How to fix: error failed to send host log message”

It did work. However, when I chose this setting, I received a warning in VirtualBox saying that VBoxVGA setting is invalid. Why is that? What difference does it make? VBoxVGA vs. the default setting?

VBoxVGA – This is the default for images created for previous versions of VirtualBox (<6.0.0) and for Windows guests before Windows 7. Using it on a Linux guest requires installing the guest additions because this adapter is not (yet) supported by the mainline Linux kernel. This option likely exists just to provide continuity – after upgrading to 6.0, all old VMs have this mode selected automatically so there's no unexpected change in behavior; you don't lose whatever acceleration you previously had.

Default setting uses new display renderer, which sometime don't support OS. It's good to try older diaplay renderer like VBoxVGA.

VBoxVGA setting is invalid, because of compatibility issue, but if its working then its fine, need not to worry.

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