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Reset MySQL root password in Ubuntu 20.04

Step 1: Stop MySQL Step 2: Make MySQL service directory Step 3: Give MySQL user permission to write to the service directory. Step 4: Start MySQL manually, without permission checks or networking. Step 5: On another console, log in without a password. Step 6: Update new password Step 7: Turn off MySQL. Step 8: Start […]

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Enable Ports in Ubuntu 18.0

First check which ports are required by your application or scripts using command sudo netstat -tunlp Check status of port with: sudo ufw status Allow any port using the command, where 80 represent port 80, connection type is tcp: sudo ufw allow 80/tcp For udf use command: sudo ufw allow 80/tcp Port can also be […]

Linux Networking shell command

Linux – Check at which port application is running

netstat – Its is a command line tool to get information about network connection.