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3ds Max 2020 Keyboard Shortcut

These are some commonly used keyboard shortcut for 3ds Max 2020

ALT+W for maximising and minimising my viewports

F4, F3 for Show edges in the viewport and Smooth & Highlights >Wireframe toggle

Quad menu:

  • V=Viewports mode
  • Ctrl+Right Mouse Button=Modelling mode
  • Shift+Right Mouse Button=Snap mode
  • Alt+Right Mouse Button=Animation mode
  • Alt+Ctrl+Right Mouse Button=Lighting and Rendering

N=autokey mode toggle for creating animations


In edit poly mode:

1=Vertex mode 2=edge mode 3=border mode 4=poly mode 5=element mode

Somemore shortcut in the list:

  • F9=render last
  • F10=open render dialogue window
  • o=toggle render to texture window
  • m=open/close material editor windows
  • Shift+f=show safeframes
  • 7=show statistics
  • 8=toggle environment and effects dialogue window
  • 6=open/close particle view window
  • Alt+6=Show main toolbar
  • /=animation playback (slash key)
  • Alt+Ctrl+Q=open last used scene explorer
  • h=select by name
  • w=move selection
  • e=rotate selection
  • r=scale selection
  • c=camera view
  • p=perspective view
  • t=top view
  • l=left view
  • g=toggle the viewport grid on/off
  • s=snaps toggle
  • a=angle snaps toggle
  • Ctrl+c=create camera from perspective view
  • F5/F6/F7=lock movement along X,Y and Z axis respectively
  • Ctrl+i=select inverse
  • Ctrl+d=deselect
  • Ctrl+a=select all in scene
  • Ctrl+v=create clone of selection
  • Ctrl+x=expert mode toggle
  • home=jump to start of animation timeline
  • end=jump to end of animation timeline
  • Ctrl+R=arc rotate mode in the viewport
  • Middle Mouse Button= Viewport Pan
  • Alt+Q=Isolate selection
  • d=disable viewport
  • Alt+x=display object as see-through
  • Ctrl+n=create new scene
  • Ctrl+s=save file
  • Spacebar=lock selection
  • Shift+c= hide/unhide cameras
  • Shift+s=hide/unhide shapes objects
  • Shift+w=hide/unhide space warps
  • Shift+g=hide/unhide geometry
  • Shift+h=hide/unhide helper objects
  • Shift+l=hide/unhide light objects
  • Page up=Select parent
  • Page down=Select child object
  • i=pan viewport whilst drawing a spline
  • scroll middle mouse wheel=viewport zoom
  • z=zoom selected object
  • Ctrl+Alt+z=zoom extents
  • F11= open MAXScript listener window

Edit hotkeys

The following table provides hotkeys for edit commands.

Command Hotkey
Restrict plane cycle F8
Restrict to x F5
Restrict to y F6
Restrict to z F7
Scale cycle Ctrl + E
Sub-object level cycle Insert

General hotkeys

The following table provides hotkeys for general commands.

Command Hotkey
Adaptive degradation toggle O
Clone Ctrl + V
Environment dialog toggle 8
Exit Esc
Expert mode toggle Ctrl + X
Fetch Alt + Ctrl + F
Help F1
Lock user interface toggle Alt + 0
Material editor toggle M
MAXScript Listener F11
New scene Ctrl + N
Open file Ctrl + O
Quick render Shift + Q
Render last F9
Render scene dialog toggle F10
Redo scene operation Ctrl + Y
Render to texture dialog toggle 0
Redo viewport operation Shift + Y
Save file Ctrl + S
Selection lock toggle ╠║╠║Spacebar
Search all actions X
Spacing tool Shift + I
Transform type-in dialog toggle F12
Undo scene operation Ctrl + Z
Undo viewport operation Shift + Z

Selection hotkeys

The following table provides hotkeys for selection commands.

Command Hotkey
Align Alt+ A
Cycle selection method Alt+ F
Hold Alt + Ctrl + H
Normal align Alt + N
Quick align Shift + N
Select N
Select all Ctrl + A
Select ancestor PgUp
Select and move W
Select and rotate E
Select and scale R
Select by name H
Select child PgDn
Select children Ctrl + PgDn
Select invert Ctrl + I
Select none Spacebar
Selection lock toggle Ctrl + D
Sub-object selection toggle Ctrl + B

Show/hide hotkeys

The following table provides hotkeys for showing/hiding elements.

Command Hotkey
Geometry toggle Shift+ G
Grids toggle G
Helpers toggle Shift + H
Particle systems toggle Shift+ P
Snaps toggle Shift + S
Space warps toggle Shift + W

Snap hotkeys

The following table provides hotkeys for snap commands.

Command Hotkey
Angle snap toggle A
Cycle active snap type Alt+ S
Cycle snap hit Alt+ Shift + S
Percentage snap toggle Ctrl+ Shift + P
Snap to frozen objects toggle Alt + F2
Snaps toggle S
Snaps use axis constraints toggle Alt + F3
Snaps use axis constraints toggle Alt + D

Sub-level hotkeys

The following table provides hotkeys for sub-level commands.

Command Hotkey
Border level 3
Edge level 2
Element level 5
Object level 6
Polygon level 4
Vertex level 1

Time hotkeys

The following table provides hotkeys for time commands.

Command Hotkey
Autokey mode toggle N
Backup time one unit
Forward time one unit .
Go to end frame End
Go to start frame Home
Set keys K

Viewport hotkeys

The following table provides hotkeys for general viewport commands.

Command Hotkey
Arc rotate view mode Ctrl + R
Create camera from view Ctrl + C
Default lighting toggle Ctrl + L
Display as see-through toggle Alt + X
Maximize viewport toggle Alt + W
Place highlight Ctrl + H
Spot/Directional-light view Shift + 4

Viewport background hotkeys

The following table provides hotkeys for viewport commands related to the background.

Command Hotkey
Background lock toggle Alt + Ctrl + B
Update background image Alt + Ctrl + ShiftB
Viewport background Alt + B

Viewport display hotkeys

The following table provides hotkeys for viewport display commands related.

Command Hotkey
Disable viewport D
Display viewport statistics toggle 7
Pan view Ctrl + P
Pan viewport I
Shade selected faces toggle F2
Show safe frame toggle Shift + F
Show selection bracket toggle J
Transform gizmo size down
Transform gizmo size up +
Wireframe/smooth + highlight toggle F3
View edged faces toggle F4

Viewport zoom hotkeys

The following table provides hotkeys for viewport zoom commands.

Command Hotkey
Zoom extents Alt+ Ctrl + Z
Zoom extents all Ctrl+ Shift + Z
Zoom extents all selected Z
Zoom in 2x Alt+ Ctrl + Shift + Z
Zoom mode Alt + Z
Zoom out 2x Alt + Shift + Z
Zoom region mode Ctrl + W
Zoom viewport in Ctrl + +
Zoom viewport out Ctrl + –

View hotkeys

The following table provides hotkeys for view commands.

Command Hotkey
Bottom view B
Camera view C
Front view F
Isometric user view U
Left view L
Perspective user view P
Top view T

Virtual viewport hotkeys

The following table provides hotkeys for virtual viewport (num-block) commands.

Command Hotkey
Pan down 2
Pan left 4
Pan right 8
Pan up 6
Virtual viewport toggle /
Virtual viewport zoom in +
Virtual viewport zoom out

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